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35 Selegie Rd
Singapore, 188307

+65 63384568

Scuba diving equipment shop, authorized dealers of Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris, Lavacore and Pinnacle diving equipment and so much more.

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About NAUI

The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) has been teaching the world to dive safely since 1959. As the largest non-profit and most respected dive training and certifying organization in the world, NAUI offers a full range of training programs from Skin Diver through Instructor Course Director, with dozens of specialty courses including Nitrox and Technical diving.

NAUI’s global reputation for the best in training and educational products reflects its core values of quality dive training through education. Many organizations specifically choose NAUI for their diver education programs including Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, United States Navy SEAL Teams and NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas (USA) where astronauts train for their space walks.

NAUI Worldwide is a membership organization headquartered in Tampa, Florida (USA) with tens of thousands of member instructors, affiliated stores, resorts, and service centers located in countries throughout the world.

What does naui mean to us

Like all other major certification agencies, your NAUI certification is recognized worldwide. And while it's true that your in-course experience ultimately boils down to your individual instructor more than the certifying agency, we must say that NAUI courses are one of the most comprehensive and in-depth ones we have come across.

So while it means there's more to show and explain as an instructor, we really don't mind the extra effort because that ultimately means the students have the chance to gain a little more from their experience and that at the end of the day, is what really matters to us.