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35 Selegie Rd
Singapore, 188307

+65 63384568

Scuba diving equipment shop, authorized dealers of Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris, Lavacore and Pinnacle diving equipment and so much more.



jacket bcds

Jacket BCDs offer superior stability on the surface, thanks to a wrap-around bladder that goes from your back to your front. This increase in material however, usually results in them weighing more, having more inherent buoyancy, as well as a bulkier appearance.

back inflation bcds

these bcds are usually lighter, more streamlined and have less inherent buoyancy than their jacket counterparts. to counter their tendency to push you face down when fully inflated on the surface, a diver need only to simply lean back and not inflate his bcd by more than what is needed to keep him comfortably afloat.

backplates and wings

once the domain of technical divers, these setups have gained tremendous popularity over the recent years thanks to their modular features, simplicity and incredible stability.


whether you're using them on a recreational bcd or a backplate set up, these accessories offer storage options for gear such as torches, slates, surface marker buoys and more.

so you've only tried a jacket bcd and still can't decide which is the one for you? pay us a visit and we'd be delighted to share our first hand experiences on what it's like diving with different set ups.